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Lessons under lockdown: Dusit teams embrace online learning to enhance their skills in preparation for the ‘new normal’

Continuous learning is the key to personal and professional growth and success. With many Dusit Hotels & Resorts temporarily closed in line with official regulations to limit the spread of COVID-19, teams across the company have taken advantage of the downtime to enhance their skills via free online learning programmes offered by Corporate L&D, Hotel L&D leaders, Dusit Hospitality Education, and various Corporate Divisions. From instruction in ASEAN competencies offered through, to free software training via, selected training programmes through, and a deep dive into generating sales and revenue with Corporate Sales and Revenue, the wealth of knowledge offered has been well received by hotel team members during these times of social distancing – especially as it has helped sharpen the skills needed to deliver sustainable value in the ‘new normal’ following the crisis. You can read some of the reactions from various participants below. If you missed the training programmes and would like to take part, please contact your L&D department for all the info. Happy online learning!

“The online courses have proved valuable, allowing us to enhance our careers and learn new things while staying safe at home. I always take notes then discuss the conclusion with my teammates so we can come up with new ideas to implement in our daily work. I now think we should have more Dusit online learning, similar to LinkedIn.” – Mahmoud Osama Hassan Mohamed, Senior Sales Manager, Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

“It’s definitely a great initiative. The courses are relevant and engaging, especially with some discussions and games. Refresher training on some topics is also conducted in order to keep us sharp.” – Nyoman Indrawan, Assistant Revenue Manager, Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

“Based on the current situation, now is the perfect time to take up the courses and devote the time and energy needed to absorb and understand the information. I took courses in management and cultural diversity. Being a unit manager, I can very much apply what I learned into my job.” ​ – Ria Vianca Pastrana, Laundry, Dusit Doha Hotel

“The courses I took were highly useful and relevant to the work environment I am in. They opened my eyes to multiple factors like decision making and handling a team with diverse cultures. The knowledge grasped could be very easily put to work once we have a new normal in the current workplace.” – Mohamed Rameesdeen, Food and Beverage Service, Dusit Doha Hotel

“The courses provided by the hotel are very important, helping us to develop the skills and abilities needed to ensure our guest's satisfaction and to avoid any problems. From helping us to build relationships with our guests, finding new strategies to maximize revenue, seeking new ways to improve our services and perform our tasks more efficiently, and ultimately getting opportunities for career growth within the company, the lessons can be applied to many aspects of our daily work. I also shared the knowledge I learned with my colleagues as a departmental trainer.” ​ – Essam Elmasry, Reservations Supervisor, Dusit Thani Dubai

“Doing the online training was a very good experience. I think it’s a good way to learn because we’re naturally more confident when we have our own privacy and space. The topics are relevant and can certainly be applied to our work.” – Sabita Thapa, Club Lounge Captain, ​Dusit Thani Dubai

“What I like most about online learning is the ability to manage the time and sequence by myself. For example, as soon as I understand Topic A,I can pass to Topic B to find out more. To get the most out of online learning you have to be disciplined though – because concentration is easily lost if you get too comfortable. Be prepared to miss your classmates too.” – Khun Somchit Puaksantier, Assistant Manager, IT, Dusit Thani Pattaya

“We learned about ‘Transformational Leadership’ and “Dealing with Emergencies,” including how to apply various procedures to our roles. While I missed the interactivity of a classroom setting, where you can get instant feedback to questions, I really like the fact we can choose our own dates, times and topics to study, which allows you to learn at your own pace.” – Khun Nikom Chaiwong, Assistant Manager, Security, dusitD2 and Dusit Princess Chiang Mai

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